Writting is teh hard

The limits of description

The Narrator and the Reader can know things none of the characters do.

On commas

Door stoppers, or how you can probably cut off half of any sff novel

(my stuff) Cursed Timeline, a short story at DSF

Your magic-slinging protag may have ruined magic (unless you’re Jack Vance—then you’re cool.)

Deep POV shallowness Part 2 : no similes, no metaphors, no style.

Boring people write boring stories

The pursuit of realism and armors made of butter in fictional fights.

Tell me, don’t show me your characters’ emotions.

The forgotten elegance of forward dialogue tags

Thoughts on biases and manuscript reading from the other side of the Atlantic

To fictional characters and minions: please, stop charging to your deaths.

Myth: the pulps paid badly (and by badly I mean better than anybody today)

From Somali dung catcher to King of the Hobos, how poor will you be as a writer?

Psychology of writing: word accessibility

Increase your writing output through meticulous timekeeping, precise reinforcements, and pure HATE

The psychology of writer’s block (¿and bodybuilding?)

Writer-based prose vs. reader-based prose.

The participial phrase (-ing verbs) pandemic.

The writing of old bestsellers vs. contemporary writers, a comparison.

“I awake several hours later in a daze” or first-person narrations.

Deep POV is shallow (and harming fantastic fiction)

STELLAR characterization

The sneaky “there was” and writing filler & crutches

Indie self-publishing experiments, or “I’d rather eat my own gallbladder.”

Terror at 10^6 feet: Twilight, Asimov, and the Simpsons.

Psychology of reading and writing: recalling vs. recognizing.

The Seven Quests/Motivations and why we can’t have nice things

These foking fockers focking focked language again: on swearing and fiction.

A fiction writer, a mysanthrope, and a behaviorist walk into a bar…

The Unsucceful treatment of a writer’s block

Bad Writing: Amazon bestsellers edition

“Classic conditioning One — A Cyberpunk Star Wars Story”

Hemingway didn’t write like you think he wrote

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