November 4 story: The Dreadful Writer, Part I

This is the full interview with the British-American writer James L. Cunningham. It first appeared on All-Men’s Adventure Magazine in 1935. The original interview was half as long and its most “juicy” aspects had been cut off, probably out of fear of upsetting the moral authorities that back then were keeping a close eye on this kind of magazines. The writer died later that year from cancer, which could explain his strangely forthcoming and open answers. After Monroe Webster, the editor and interviewer, died in 1965, the original interview with lines marking the parts to cut out was found among his papers.

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Ironic moebius censorship


  1. Post something on Facebook about Facebook censoring people who say Facebook censors Facebook users who say Facebook censors.

lauren southern

2. Wait…

3. Get censored.


4. Post it on another social media.


6.Get an apology (if you are famous or you get 4000+ RTs), claiming it was an “error.”

7.Profit (if you are lucky)

“They trust me, dumbfucks.”

Mark Zuckerberg