Hugo Awards

Reading the Hugos: Redshirts by John Scalzi

(2020) Short Story

Don’t Look Back, My Lion

And Now His Lordship is Laughing

Ten Excerpts from blablabla

Blood is Another Word for Hunger

A Catalog of Storms

(2019) Short Story

The Court Magician

The Rose MacGregor Drinking and Admiration Society

The Secret Lifes of the Nine Negro Teeth of George Washington


The Tale of Three Beautiful Raptor Sisters and the Prince who was Made of Meat

A Witch’s Guide to Escape: a Practical Compendium of Portal Fantasies

(2018) Short Story

Welcome to your authentic indian experience

Sun, Moon, Dust

Fandom for Robots

The Martian Obelisk

Carnival Nine

Clearly Lettered by a Mostly Steady Hand

(2017) Short Story

The City Born Great

A First in Permutations of Lightning and Windflowers

Our Talons can Crush Galaxies

Seasons of Glass and Iron

That Game We Played During the War

An Unimaginable Light

Super Secret Hugo Easter Egg 


Shambleau and others

Why you should read ‘The Decline and Fall of Practically Everybody.’

“Neat” by Russell Zimmerman

“The Intellectuals” by Paul Johnson

Thune’s Vision, by Schuyler Hernstrom

Why you should read Cugel’s Saga.

The Law of the Wolves and Mortu and Kyrus in the White City


Cirsova #1

Cirsova #2