Women’s faces? Absolutely haram.

Via the Elder of Ziyon I have discovered this funny bit of Palestinian politics.

There was an election for the Peple’s Committee of the Jenin camp.

Two of the candidates on the winning slate are women.

Here is how the winners were shown on the official Fatah webpage:


The two drawings on the bottom represent the women, named Najat Abu Qatana and Hanadi Abu Qandil (a former prisoner).
This is the official photo of the winners from the Jenin camp Facebook page as well.
Here is how the winners were depicted in the Safa.ps news site
While these media will routinely show faces of women in other cases, there seems to be no pushback that the Jenin committee is clearly so Islamist that they consider the depiction of women to be forbidden.

The high percentage of Palestinians who support fundamentalist interpretations of Islam is a very under-reported story. The last Pew poll on the topic showed that 89% of Palestinians support Sharia being the law of the land.

(h/t Ibn Boutros)

I have decided to improve the images so they get with the times:




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Los apologistas occidentales son los etnocéntricos occidentales.

[Esta es una traducción/adaptación del original que escribí en inglés]

Después de cada ataque de un miembro de la religión que no debe ser nombrada, el mismo ritual ocurre, el juego de la apología: culpa a cualquier cosa excepto el propio asesino. O, como mínimo, deberías reducir su importancia.

Eso únicamente ocurre con tal religión o con movimientos que están considerados como oprimidos, discriminados o “marginalizados” de algún modo. Es ciertamente curioso describir a alguien con el poder para asesinar cientos de personas, y asustar a un superpoder para que se rinda cultural, política y militarmente, como “sin poder” u “oprimido” pero no soy progre, así que quizás no lo entiendo.

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Western apologists are Western ethnocentrists.

After each attack from the religion that shall not be named, the same ritual is played, the game of apologetics: blame everything except the murderer. At the very least, you should downplay its importance.

That only happens with that religion or movements that are considered to be oppressed, discriminated or otherwise marginalized. It is certainly curious to describe someone who has the power to murder hundreds of people, and scare a superpower into cultural, political, and military submission, as “powerless” but I’m not a leftist, so perhaps I don’t understand it.

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Freaking Truck Simulators! “Grand Mufti Publicly Condemns Nice Terror Attack —” Mufti News [parody]

I have been following Mufti News for some time, and they always deliver. Pun obviously intended:

Grand Mufti Al Tair ibn La Ahad held a press conference over the weekend at the International Islamic School of the Leap of Faith after hearing news of the Nice Terror attack in which he sends his most sincerest of condolences condemning the senseless violence and loss of lives, he also reminds everyone to be prepared…

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