Contact: thefriskypagan@gmail.com (not a joke address, by the way, it’s just the older name of the blog and I’m too lazy to make up a new adress)

About my gravatar image and WordPress user name, they are a reference to Joshua A. Norton, Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Xaver Basora


    Which part of Spain do you live?

    Because i’d very much like your opinions on the current state of Spanish/Catalan/Gallego/Basque of scifi/ fantasy/fantastic literature.

    For example I keep coming across Laura Gallego and is she worth reading or not? What about Marc Pastor and the latest from Salvador Mancip



      1. Xaver Basora

        Gràcies. No hi ha cap problema. Estic curiós deL estat de la literatura fantàstica tinent en compte que la literatura catalana és domina per la novel.la negra o històrica.
        Això explica per que es tan difícil a trobar llibres com Andrea Victrix , etc. Mais m’ha agradat el Meconscrit de segon origen

        Gràcies de nou


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