Reality strikes back.

If you are like most people, you are either isolated at home or forced to share your usually crowded public transport with even more people because some genius thought cutting down travel frequency is a good way to avoid crowds. And if you happen to live in real, non-joke countries like Taiwan, Singapore, or South Korea: You are one lucky bastard.

Some while in my country ice rinks are being repurposed as improvised morgues, let’s dedicate a few minutes to thing about what it all means. Hmmm… *thinking* Recently, I have had a lot of time for that *serious thinking*

And here’s the Truth that Corona has revealed to me: It’s All Bullshit. We are full of shit.

Well, ok, it’s not a revelation. It’s not even a new theme if you have been following this blog, I have been saying that for years, but the visceral nature of the current situation should make it even more obvious. This is a blog mostly about culture, so that’s what I mean when I say it’s all bullshit: Our Cultures Are Bullshit.

When, for the past four years, I have been saying that Culture Wars are mostly BS, that what passes for Politics is not Political, this is what I meant. That when things get ugly, all those “issues” would evaporate because they are not real.

Can anybody please point me where the Everything Is Political Crowd are now? Yeah, some are trying to keep the racket going, but it doesn’t seem to be working very well. It’s almost as if writing such nonsense is almost obscene while people are dying and are having real problems. But, come on, guys, I know you may be drowning in your own bloodied mucus from bilateral pneumonia, but that’s no reason to stop writing those important woke articles. But wait, are you telling me your deeply held beliefs and your armchair internet activism can’t even survive a few weeks of lockdown and a few (hypothetical) million death? Hmm, it’s almost as if it was all social climbing BS.

Libertarians aren’t there, but they are still the worst.

Remember all the people who have been screaming X is like Hitler or X will be like a Genocide and so on? Excuse me, but where are you now? Stabbing each other for toilet paper? Why, it’s almost as if you didn’t really belief X was the end of the world back then when you said so, but now a somewhat lethal cold is. Hmmm… *thinking* *thinking* If a few years ago you tweeted how a certain politician would “kill millions”, “plunge the country into civil war”, “is the antichrist”, or “literal Hitler” yet you didn’t hoard food like a maniac but now you do, what does that say?

If, say, Climate Change was supposed to be an extintion event, but you couldn’t be arsed to not use a car for a few days but now a few thousand dead people have dragged that existential threat to the back burner and now the air has never been cleaner and healthier, what does that say about our REAL beliefs and preferences? Where are all those doctors and psychologists that a few months ago said, with tears in their eyes, that if underage teenagers didn’t immediately get their gender transitions they would kill themselves? Are they killing themselves now? I suspect the answer is no. In fact, expect a lot of sudden de-transitions once the quarantines are lifted.

This is a point I have to stress: cultural, political, and sociological commentary is basically sperging and status fighting 90% of the time. It’s a luxury we enjoy when we are sailing fair weather.

It’s overanalyzing what people say. But what people say is, most of the time, bullshit (and when it’s not, one tends to focus on the wrong things.) The frontal cortex may believe the words coming out of your own mouth, but the lymbic brain and the viscera certainly do not. You can scream and cry all you like, but if your reptilian brain goes ‘meh’, then I know what, deep inside, you actually feel.I f your feet don’t follow your words, what do words matter?

Let’s see an example: for years, it has been said that it’s virtually impossible for a country to secure its border. Not inadvisable or undesierable, but impossible—people will always get through and all that. Yet it took a Chinese dude eating a bat soup to make half the world bunker down like Best Korea while keeping everybody away with 100% efficiency (not that many are trying to get in, truth be told.) Why, it’s as if mainstream political discourses and debates are pointless BS!

So what does it all mean? What will Corona teach us? Nothing, most likely. But if you have a keen mind, it means not so much that you will learn or believe new things, but that you will stop believing in many superfluous things. And maybe you’ll learn to correctly wash your hands, which is a plus.

There are more things to say, but each would require its own post. If I feel like it, I might write more about cultural changes I expect to see soon enough, but that’s for another day. I will try to go back to putting up blogs about writing and I have a few reviews to make, too.

For now, keep this in mind: First, steel yourselves. You are going to see some ugly shit in the coming weeks and months. And second, many people, and not just people on the other “side,” are going to try to bullshit you. Pointless bickering, distracting blame games, sentimental appeals, smokescreens, psychopathic schemes to profit from this, etc. Don’t fall for that. A lot of important people have screwed up, and they will try to make you forget it. Don’t let them get away with it.

5 thoughts on “Reality strikes back.

  1. littlemissw

    But surely a lot of this stuff relates to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. A transgender child living in otherwise life supporting circumstances has the opportunity to feel their gender assignment is an issue. Are there transgender kids in Ethiopia? Probably. But not having enough food on the table means that issue of identity is subverted to the more pressing need of keeping the body fueled. That doesn’t mean that people who were advocating for the needs of transgender children didn’t really believe that it was important. And what exactly do you mean by de-transitioning? Why, once the more basic need to keeping ourselves physically safe is again no longer an issue, would problem of gender conflict (sexuality, race, equality, whatever) not again be significant.

    Also, it is impossible for a country to secure its borders if other people are actively seeking a way it. This doesn’t change just because right now people aren’t seeking to get in. Governments are shutting down conventional means of access, and why would you skip the border right now when the country you’re going to is as big a basket case as the one you’re leaving? But if a group of asylum seekers chose to jump on a boat float across Australia’s border right now, they could.


    1. I was going to mention Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and how this crisis proves it’s nonsense. The fulfillment of basic needs didn’t make people into higher beings searching for self-actualization but narcissistic navel-gazers. Unless, of course, political and identity issues are a much lower issue in the pyramid than we were led to believe (which is possible; they are probably in the ‘socialization’ stage.)

      And you are missing the point: most of those “issues” were allegedly “fundamental”, described in apocalyptic, terms, yet a few thousand deaths have shown it was all empty rhetoric. Nobody *really* believed it. Nobody really believed Trump was Hitler, that climate was going to turn into Hell, that transgenderism is the most important topic right now, etc.

      And by de-transitioning I mean both people who are transitioning but then they say it was just a “phase” and stop, and those who actually transitioned (surgery, hormones, etc.) and then regret it. There are many cases. You can look up the numbers online; very, very few teenagers follow through their transition.

      And, yes, I know that once things go back to normal the chattering classes will go back to their usual business, and those “conflicts” will be again significant, but that’s because they are luxuries disguises as fundamental issues. And I can already tell you they will ring hollow to many people. If you suffered billateral pneumonia and your dad died because your local hospital didn’t have enough ICU beds due to cutbacks and now you are out of a job and have no savings while you see that every Big Corporation got a multi-billion baillout, I can assure you that person wouldn’t put up with some blowhard yammering about the groundbreaking significance of the latest LGTB character in a Marvel movie or an add lecturing him about manspreading.


    2. der Nicht Kluge Hans

      [L]ittlemissw took Sr. Lastra and said to him, “We are all in this together—until we’re not. You transphobe.”


  2. IfAYearIsALongTime

    >> There are more things to say, but each would require its own post. If I feel like it, I might write more

    I hope you do. I can’t decide which I like more, your writing posts or your misanthropic rants, but I definitely like reading them.

    Liked by 1 person

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