2018’s last post: wrap-up, updates, plans, and so on.

As is my yearly Christmas custom, I have gone down with something nasty, most likely a strand of the bubonic plague. So because I have been hibernating or coughing my lungs out, I have not been able to do as much stuff as I’d wanted, including posting here. But I feel better now so it’s time for the obligatory wrap-up post.

It’s been an OK year for the blog despite starting a bit weak and this place being a niche of niches. It has done somewhat better than the two previous years, especially the November posts, which has told me what people want to read over here (luckily, it’s also what I enjoy writing the most.) So expect more posts on writing, and perhaps something about RPGs. Or both.

For 2019, I aim to increase my writing output, if not here, at least IRL. The other day I came up with a list of potential stories I have bouncing inside my head and the whole lot added up to close to 300,000 words, although that depends on how large the hypothetical novels would end up being. But assuming they are works in the lightweight category, not door-stoppers, that would be the number of words I could start writing down tomorrow,  and I would end up with 7 short stories, 4 short novellas, and 2 novels. Which is doable.

Of course, that’s the theory. Then there’s reality. And editing, proofreading, “writer’s block,” laziness, etc.  So the number of hours a day that I’d have to put in to get those numbers is actually higher than it may look at first glance. Still, it’s good to have a target to aim for. I don’t know where I would publish those things, but maybe I’ll have to grudgingly give self-publishing another go.

In any event, I already have something to show for 2019, so at least there’s that. I have one short story accepted and another in the “probably, perhaps, we’ll call you back in a few months” category.

Hope you guys and gals (the two of you who read this) have had a great 2018, and here’s to a better 2019. And if 2018 wasn’t a good year, remember to punch 2019 hard in the face and make it your bitch.

Ciao, and see you next year.


Edit: Oh, yea, and I want to continue the Project Contact stories. It’s harder than I had expected and I’ll probably write larger chapters, but I have not abandoned it.


4 thoughts on “2018’s last post: wrap-up, updates, plans, and so on.

  1. “…punch 2019 hard in the face and make it your bitch.” I think I’ll have to give that a try.

    2018 wasn’t all that bad, but I don’t want to repeat it either. 2019 is totally getting punched in the face. It’ll either be better or worse, but it won’t be the same.

    Happy New Year from a (relatively) new reader!

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