November posting forecast

November is the month when writers-bloggers disappear and go radio silent as they set to do a Nanowrimo or similar writing ordeal. I’m going to do something like that but, if all goes well, I won’t go silent.

On I joined a group that put forward the idea of writing a flash story (500-1000 words or so) a day for the entire month. I believe that’s harder than a straightforward writing marathon, not due to the quantity of output but quality, since writing 10 one-thousand-word stories is usually harder than just a single ten-thousand-word story. Still, that’s the goal, or the ideal anyway, and that’s what I’m aiming for.

Before I had jumped into that project, I actually already had another one in mind for this month: posting a writing-related post each day. I had even written down the list, but I doubt I’ll be able to do both things. However, it may be a good filler for those days when, for one reason or another, the stories fail to appear.

So, basically, I’ll write whatever I fell like writing, mostly fiction, but whatever pours forth from the muses. Adventure, horror, parody, the most exciting retelling of watching paint dry… whatever I come up with. I already have a few ideas for some stories, but I’ll mostly improvise. Naturally, that, and time constraints, means quality and themes will be varied. But I’ll try to churn out some quality e-pulp, that’s for sure.

3 thoughts on “November posting forecast

  1. This sounds awesome. I might be more able to do this than NaNo.

    Although I’m not likely to come anywhere near reaching the goal, this sounds like something I could pick up and continue more easily if I miss a day or two, instead of seeing the “I must write at least this many words per day to succeed” number going up and up into impossibility and getting discouraged. With this challenge, if you fail to hit it one day, you just move on to the next one.

    That said, a new story every day…that’s a serious mental workout. Probably a lot harder than NaNoWriMo in that regard.

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