Updating my journal: literary projects, Cirsova, and other people’s work.

I have realized that I have managed to accumulate a reasonable number of short stories/novelettes, some of them unsent to potential publishers or awards, others sent but rejected (although usually with an “almost a winner” note appended, so there’s that.) And I have also realized that since I follow a setting-less style of writing (or at least a setting that is hidden from the reader and unexplained) I can just string them together. And that’s probably what I will do.

I have three short stories near the 8000 words each, one of them got a Silver Oojah from Writers of the Future and the other something similar from an anthology of horror stories, and since they all have a somewhat similar mood, I think I will just make a few changes here, add some reference linking the three stories there, and… bam, short book spanning 200 hundred years and three generations.

On other news, I got a short story accepted, by Cirsova, and it will be published in Issue 9 (some of you may know that I also help him proofread the stories he accepts.) So, if you want to (and you should) read about The Tomb of Xarkax (or Panjandrum the Sciolist*, as I titled it during the drafting phase) and follow the (mis)adventures of two hapless, truculent rogues, buy it. Or, rather, fund the Kickstarter for Volume 2, which will help fund the acquisition of stories for 2019 and will give you Volumes 9 & 10 as rewards. Keep in mind that those rewards may not be available in all countries, so you may just want to buy the issue when it’s live on Amazon.

*I’m not joking, it’s a real title. Panjandrum is the name of one of the protagonists.

Cirsova was one of the first things I reviewed in this blog, and one of the writers I discovered thanks to the magazine has announced a new work. Schuyler Hermstron has put up a preorder for two new works, his Sword & Bikery novella Mortu & Kyrus, and a shorter novelette/fable The Law of Wolves. They are both ridiculously dirt cheap, but luckily, Hernstrom is a better writer than businessman.

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