Reading the Hugos (2018) Fandom for Robots

Fandom for Robots, by Vina Jie-Min Prasad, is a 3530-word short story. It’s about fan fiction and fandoms, but I’m not sure it’s trully about robots. Some things happen, the robot-protagonist watches anime, fan fictions is described and ¿satirized? and the story ends with the (human) protagonist becoming Internet-popular.

These preceding sentences stood alone, in the draft version of this post, for a few days before I managed to write the rest (800 words,) which I have just deleted. Reading this short story was like a sort of reverse writer’s block, for although I had thousands of things to say about it, there’s was no point in doing so. This short story is harmless, annoyingly so. Even if you shaped it like a knife and tried to stab someone in the eyes with it, not even the UK government would consider it a dangerous weapon.

However, as I was reading it, my critical third-eye kept highlighting sentence after sentence while my blogger’s fingers kept itching for what promised to be a 10.000-word post, or maybe my arthritis is just flaring up. But then came the realization it’s not worth it, that the story doesn’t deserve it, in all the sense of the word deserve. So I won’t.

On a scale of 0 to 10, I give this story an I Don’t Care I’m certainly Not the Audience for This or Anything Nominated for the Hugos.

You can read it at Uncanny.



3 thoughts on “Reading the Hugos (2018) Fandom for Robots

  1. I see what you mean. That’s an interesting experiment in non-linear story telling that doesn’t work. There’s no there there.

    It does have the right messages and gratuitous unnecessary swearing, though, so it’s definitely the sort of low brow pap that makes Hugo voters swoon.

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