DISUM 30-03-2018: Satanic environmentalists, fetus-snatchers, and a pervert judge.


  1. Ancient Chinese Mega-Dungeon

Hidden For A Thousand Years – China’s ‘Underground Great Wall’ – Ancient Origins, via The Epoch Times 29.03.2018

In ancient Chinese history it is recorded that The Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127 AD) battled for 200 years with the Liao and Jin Dynasties, which at the time were ruled by minority races from China’s Northern Territories, the Khitan and Jurchens respectively. The Northern China Plain was an endless flat ground, with no mountains or rivers that could be used to help defend against the northerners. How then, did the weaker Song Dynasty manage to survive for such a long period of time?

[…] Upon further investigation, experts found that ancient war passages were spread throughout Yongqing County in an area covering approximately 300 square kilometers.

Experts discovered that the Yongqing ancient war passages were widespread. They were in fact a large-scale construction used to house troops during times of war. The structures of the caves were complicated and complete, possessing military facilities such as camouflaged exits, covers, and locking gates.

[…] Experts have dug out similar war passages in Yongqing, Xiong county, and Bazhou. The ancient war passages are about 65 kilometers from east to west, 25 kilometers from north to south, which extend through 1,600 square kilometers.

2. Satanic hypocrite environmentalists want to create AI and new life to replace women, the planet, the Goddess. -Infowars 28.03.2018

I love this guy:

Worth it even without sound.

3. Harry Potter and the Battle for Gun Control – Tor.com 28.03.2018


Also, from the author:

Note the reliance on the word fuck, which is obviously the sort of word you’d want to use when discussing Harry Potter.


4. Scientists discover galaxy bereft of Dark Matter, probably a sign of having being used up as an energy source by an hyper-advanced race of spacefaring genocidal aliens. Our galaxy is probably their next victim.

Well, not really, but it’s a possibility.

Dark matter is MIA in this strange galaxy – Science News 28.03.2018

In typical galaxies, normal matter is swamped by dark matter, an unidentified invisible substance that makes up most of the matter in the universe.[…]

But one galaxy, NGC1052–DF2, appears to have less dark matter than normal matter, or potentially none at all. […]

The new study, says van Dokkum, bolsters the idea that dark matter is real, instead of an illusion. “Until now, whenever we saw a galaxy, we also saw dark matter,” says van Dokkum. “We didn’t know for sure whether dark matter and galaxies were two separable things.”


5. A Judge Broke Into a Woman’s Home and Stole Her Underwear, Police Say – Time 30.03.2018

(EAST ISLIP, N.Y.) — A Long Island judge who police say entered a neighbor’s home and was later found to be in possession of stolen female underwear has been arrested on burglary charges.

Police say a 23-year-old East Islip woman was home alone Thursday morning when she heard a noise and saw a man, who then fled.

The woman gave a description of the man and officers arrested Suffolk County District Court Judge Robert Cicale nearby. They say he was carrying “soiled female undergarments” that had been stolen.

Cicale is scheduled to be arraigned on Friday. Information on his lawyer wasn’t immediately available.


6. Nigerian fetus-snatchers and cynical, faithless doctors

Why Claims of Phantom Pregnancies are Rising – Leadership.ng 30.03.2018

Pathological desire to have children and deliberate efforts by women to swindle money and other valuables from their husbands make some women to falsely claim they are pregnant, a doctor says.

Dr Hussein Adamu of Ummah Hospital, Jalingo, spoke  in reaction to a claim by a woman that she lost her pregnancy to kidnappers who removed her foetus.


[the confused husband]: “How can you deny pregnancy in a woman who has not observed menstrual cycle in over eight months?

“Do you know that she did a lot of shopping for the unborn baby?

“Why will a woman buy things for a baby that she knows she is not carrying? Isn’t that inconceivable?” Isa asked.


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