Now that’s what I call syncronicity.

I log in to Twitter, and I see Brian Niemeier tweet a post by John Mollison about his writing method. I like it, so I post it on Google + The image that post shows is of his collection of four novellas, Five Dragons, with the lizard monsters on the cover.


Amazon link


I leave my room for a minute, and when I go back, the first thing I see is a salamander, lounging on one of the walls. Now, where I live, there are a few of these amphibians, so I guess it sneaked in through the window (it’s the first time that has ever happened, though.) I manage to grab it without (I think) harming it, so I leave it outside the house, where it scurries away. While grabbing it, however, its tail fell off (that’s normal)

Happy because of my victory against the frightful beast, I open the Internet browser again and go back to my previous matter before I got interrupted by social-media foolishness –to search the Internet for hot chicks inspirational beauties (what else is there to do on the Internet?). And the first image I come across, uploaded just a few minutes ago, is from the Tumblr site hbombcollector, which posts relatively SFW images of attractive (and usually quite curvaceous and well-endowed) women with an amusing definition of an odd or unusual word as its caption (things like periapt, ossuarium, verisimilitude, and so on.) And what word was that one?

n. Salamander. (archaic) a red-hot iron or poker

All in the span of 15-20 minutes.

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