‘Dangerous Gamers’ paperback version available.

After a long struggle, the paperback version of my book, “Dangerous Gamers,” is available. Now you can read my ramblings critique of the new over-bloated class of cultural commentators and their latest controversies concerning allegedly violent, sexist, and racist media, including entertainment and (video) games.

There’s something for everybody in there. Do you want to know about the “science” of aggression and violence in media or even about that new-fangled Implicit Association Test paradigm that magically proves how everybody is guilty of wrongthink? Read chapters 4 & 5, Part 2. Are you interested in the vacuous and surprisingly empty “arguments” of Tropes vs. Women? Chapter 5, Part 3 might interest you. Do you want to know about some of the first academic assaults on gaming, how they first spawned from literary criticism, or how Sid Meier’s Civilization is allegedly legitimizing genocide and American exceptionalism? Then Chapters 5 & 14, Part 1, and Chapters 4 & 5, Part 4, are for you.

Are you more interested in the greater issues of “media effects,” literary criticism, and the alleged consequences of “dangerous narratives”? There are many chapters about that, too. Have you ever wondered what “politicization” truly means (spoiler: it has little to do with political content and sociopolitical thought in fiction)? Check Chapters 11-13 (Part 1) and many others. Do you want to know more about the ever-expanding class of commentators, pundits, ideological annotators, and other cultural parasites? Well, that’s almost half the book!

dangerous gamers table of contents

There’s even an Appendix N!

The book is available in Kindle and Paperback format, and you can buy it clicking the image below or the one in the sidebar (both are Amazon Associate links.) The Kindle is in the MatchBook program, which means that if you buy the paperback version, the Kindle version will only cost you 0.99$ (this may take a few hours to go live, though.)

If you like the book, remember to leave a short review (even a single sentence may be enough.) These things help.

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