Roundup, announcement, and other stuff.

May seems to have been my Jack Vance’s month.

Besides my previous D&D article, here are a few posts I wrote about him at the Puppy of the Month Book Club (May was “The Dragon Master & other stories” month.)

Vance and the writers he inspired

The original art of the beasts from The Dragon Masters (that one is cool and you don’t have to read much)

“The Miracle-Workers” and the supernatural in Vance

And on a separate note, I have finished a book on which I had been working for a long time. In fact, it has already been available on Amazon for a few days but I have been updating it with some minor fixes here and there, however now Amazon is telling me about some “public domain” nonsense. I probably copy/pasted something from my blog there or somesuch (the book is NOT a collection of blog posts, though.) In any event, assuming everything goes well, I’ll put the definite link with the definite version tomorrow.

Also, I may change the appearance of the blog or spruce it up a bit; to look more respectable and all that.

Probably not, I’m too lazy for that.


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