The indistinct allegiances of an AI: my confrontation with @arguetron.

Arguetron is a Twitter bot whose goal is, according to the high praises bestowed upon it, to fight by tweeting controversial statements on everything from white privilege to Donald Trump” (and more praise here.) He is basically a troll bait for right-wingers of dubious smarts who fail all their perception rolls. For some reason, many journalists wrote articles about it on the same day even though it’s such a small issue even I feel ashamed of talking about it on my personal blog.

Being a gentleman of curious disposition and with an open mind, I engaged @arguetron with an important question:

(click to read the whole thing and lose a few sanity points)

After that, it was not difficult to make it say horrible stuff or defend what it was supposed to criticize. Ironically, I had not read by then that sentence about “white privilege and Donald Trump” but that’s what the bot ended up defending thanks to its low intelligence and small list of answers.

Again, another reason not to allow the machines to control our lives. You create them to help and they may end up killing us all because they can’t distinguish between a human and a rock.

And also about the lack of intelligence of AIs and bots, I twitted something mocking technological hubris and the thing gets RTed and liked by excited bots. And there are people who want these things to guide us.

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