Updated my journal: Amber, Planescape, and other stuff

I wrote a short piece about Nine Princes in Amber for the Puppy of the Month Club. I’ll admit I didn’t exactly know what to write,  the book is basically an introduction, so I ended up doing a small review while pointing out some obscure connections to D&D and the Planescape setting.

I haven’t been posting here as much as I’d like to. I’m finishing a big project and that takes a lot of time. However, I have a few posts in mind and, as soon as I can, I’ll try to write something about these nerdy but transcendental subjects: (1) Hit points, clerics, the glories of medieval surgery, and roleplay, (2) a short review or analysis of Cirsova 3, (3) perhaps a Let’s Play for a classic cRPG, (4) another review of a Hugo winner book (Ancillary Justice), and… I don’t know, I guess I’ll come up with something else.

I may fail at these goals, but at least this post will be a permanent reminder of my defeat and eternal shame.


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