You are (probably) doing it wrong: Hit points, literature, and D&D.

This will the first post in a series where I will address a gaming topic that has intrigued me for a long time, the suspicion that one of the games many people love (Dungeons & Dragons) has been seriously misinterpreted even by some of its most ardent followers. In other words, that you have been playing or -at the very least- interpreting it wrong. If nothing else, that at least there is another, and better, way to play it. As the title says, it’s a probability, not a necessity.

Some of you reading this may be grognards with a lot of practical experience with this stuff, and because I know some of you are also very interested in the literary side of D&D (and, as you will see, this is as much about books as about games,) your opinion and criticism would be greatly appreciated. You may consider many of this stuff “obvious,” but from what I have seen and read, I suspect it’s not for the majority of people.

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Vilaweb ya no sabe cómo barrer para casa y señalar a España por cualquier cosa.

Hoy me he encontrado con este artículo de Vilaweb: “¿Y si los referendos no fueran buena idea?” Intrigado por tal mensaje, lo he devorado en un momento y he llegado a la conclusión de que, efectivamente, la monomanía de Vilaweb es peligrosa. Lo curioso es que el artículo no parece tener ninguna razón de ser, no hace mención alguna a algo reciente (relativo a Cataluña), y tampoco hay una conclusión para saber de qué va la cosa. Aún así, las patadas hacia España son bastante evidentes. El procés catalán ni tan siquiera se menciona, lo que lo hace aún más significativo por su ausencia.

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Updated my journal: Amber, Planescape, and other stuff

I wrote a short piece about Nine Princes in Amber for the Puppy of the Month Club. I’ll admit I didn’t exactly know what to write,  the book is basically an introduction, so I ended up doing a small review while pointing out some obscure connections to D&D and the Planescape setting.

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