La CUP y el “Negro Mágico”

La CUP de Barcelona propone que los manteros cambien el top manta por la barca aprovechando que muchos de ellos son pescadores de profesión. […] En esta línea la CUP también proponen crear una cooperativa con los sastres o un recorrido por las escuelas contando cuentos orales de África.


Al principio me ha entrado la risa, pero pensándolo mejor, si se les encuentra trabajos para lo suyo, pues mejor que mejor. Ahora bien, con lo que aún me estoy riendo es con lo de los cuentos orales de África.

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SocJus thesaurus: Problematic.


This will be the first in a series of posts about the words, expressions, and language commonly used by so-called “Social Justice” advocates, especially their degenerated version that is so common in today’s media. My main point is that such languages destroy communication and the ability to understand reality, and it’s a comeback to the worst kind of intellectual obscurantism.

Each article will be divided into five parts: (a) The origins and etymology of the word or expression in its SocJus manifestation. (b) Non-SocJus (if any) uses of the word. (C) Associations: This is a thesaurus, so here I will write those words, meanings, synonyms, or expressions that usually go with it (d) Why the word is used and why it’s so useful or powerful. And (e) Possible antidotes to that SocJus terminology.

This first post will be about one of the jewels of Social Justice jargon: Problematic.

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“Rescuing Women” by Kristine Kathryn Rusch — Cirsova

The essay “Rescuing Women” by Kristine Kathryn Rusch appears in the upcoming Summer Issue of Cirsova Heroic Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine.

“Apparently, women working in science fiction today need a hand up. For the past few years, women writers who got their start after the year 2000 have complained that they need to use […]

via “Rescuing Women” by Kristine Kathryn Rusch — Cirsova


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El país que se hace.

Siempre es agradable que te confirmen lo que has dicho repetidas veces. Especialmente si viene de la boca del President de la Generalitat.

“Cataluña está en un momento fundacional” porque “estamos creando una nación, que hemos heredado y que tenemos el deber de dejar para las futuras generaciones” y “hacer un país quiere decir hacerlo todos y con todas las ideas […] cada día es un momento fundacional.”

[negritas son mías]

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Optional Strength rules for unarmed combat [D&D]

It’s a fundamental element in most RPGs: Strength modifies hit chance and damage. From time to time, a few heretics claim that the main attribute for close combat should be speed, dexterity, or something like that, but the answer to these people is always the same:

“You are as ignorant as you are [probably] ugly. For a trained warrior, speed is strength, and strength is speed. The damage any object may cause is basically speed x mass, so the bigger and stronger you are, the faster you will hit, and the more brutal you will be.”

The idea that, somehow, a nimble fighter would beat a 240lb man probably comes from the same crazy hole that gave us Waif-fu and similar nonsense.

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