Western apologists are Western ethnocentrists.

After each attack from the religion that shall not be named, the same ritual is played, the game of apologetics: blame everything except the murderer. At the very least, you should downplay its importance.

That only happens with that religion or movements that are considered to be oppressed, discriminated or otherwise marginalized. It is certainly curious to describe someone who has the power to murder hundreds of people, and scare a superpower into cultural, political, and military submission, as “powerless” but I’m not a leftist, so perhaps I don’t understand it.

In any event, I want to say something that is, as far as I know, usually ignored. The apologists like to describe themselves as the comprehensive and tolerant ones, unlike those right-wingers, who are basically primitive people who still don’t understand how the REAL world works. Most of those right-wingers implicitly agree with the first assessment or, at least, don’t bother counteracting it. But it is wrong, deadly wrong.

Cosmopolitan leftism of the champagne variety is not a real cosmopolitanism, it isn’t even a real relativism, it’s ethnocentrism, paternalism, and white burden dressing as a progressive ideology. It only sees races, not people or humans, as categories that extend from the White Liberal Man (the Redeemer,) that is the center of his intellectual system.

Underlying all the Islam apologetics lie the assumption that Muslims and their violent antics are basically an epiphenomenon, a creation, of Western thought, history, and media. No, I’m not joking. According to leftist ideologues, Muslims don’t have a centuries-old history of jihad, or even their own media, their own pundits, or their own twitter preachers with millions of followers. That language they us, Arab? Nah, it’s probably just to translate what the CNN says. It is us, with our “hate speech” who cause those crimes. All those hundreds of millions of Muslims and their daily chatters, arguments, sectarian struggles, philosophical problems, political ambitions, and so on? Nah, nothing.

According to progressivist ethnocentrists, there are not thousand of books written by Muslim preachers. They don’t even have their own intellectual and political story. Muslims don’t have their own political talk shows, their own political jargon, their own web pages, their own forums, their own philosophical constructs, their own ambitious and megalomaniac politicians, or even their own political non-Western quarrels. If you could see the mind of Muslim, you would basically see someone from New Jersey but, instead of an oppressor, it would be an oppressed human by Western society’s conditions. According to this delusion, the intellectual and cultural mental references of someone from Syria, Bangladesh, or Malaysia are more or less the same than the ones of a college student from Dallas.

The cause of all that hate is, you see, islamophobia or, at best, some sort of nebulous global “Hate” that we need to stop spreading because we are somehow also responsible. Poor little beings, they are basically an extension of our thought patterns. And, of course, we should apologize for them because, well, they are simply our intellectual and historical children.

According to this demented vision of mankind, when an Afghan Muslim wants to know and understand the world, he doesn’t rely on his society’s sources of information. He doesn’t talk to his Muslim friends (99% of the country.) He doesn’t go to a madrassa or listens to his favorite preacher that tells him how the world is ruled by Jews. He doesn’t read about the glorious lives of the mujahedin and how proud his family had been for his sacrifice. He doesn’t get angry as a consequence of a Muslim political pundit lying to him and telling him  that Westerners are murdering Muslim children all over the world. He also doesn’t learn from his family and from a culture untouched by Western ideas. Nope, it’s us. We are the cause of his beliefs, behaviors, thought patterns, hopes, fears, anxieties, peer pressure, and delusions. The intellectual work of millions of Muslims doesn’t matter or explain squat shit. The problem is us.

That is so utterly condescending that now I can understand why some Islamists seem to laugh at us. They read us, and they laugh, because they think we are so absolutely stupid that, from their point-of-view, these degenerate westerners are not only sinners but also the ideological version of flat earthers or someone who believes the Earth is the center of the Universe.

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