Speech quotas, or “Your failures are your own only if you are a man.”

Today, Christina H. Sommers tweeted this

The quoted part is a great example of the shifting of goalposts of contemporary feminism. The whole context of the quote (you can read it in the document she links) is this:

The gender gap isn’t confined to politics. It’s especially noticeable at public universities, where female students now substantially outnumber males. Nationwide, women now constitute 57 percent of college students.

Yet even though women now receive significantly more B.A.s than men, they have not achieved equality in the classroom. Today’s college classrooms still contain subtle, and not so subtle, gender biases.

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Most animals don’t need stats or attributes.

The idea for this post goes to dmdr, who commented on a post I wrote about Strength in D&D. I’m just expanding on the subject.

In D&D, many animals, even tiny animals like rats, have stats. That means they have statistics for Armor Category, base attack (or THAC0), STR, DEX, etc. They even give you experience points in case you go on a cat or cow-killing rampage.

Diablo cows
It’s payback time. Source: gameplanet.co.nz


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¿Qué ha conseguido el Procés™?

aAhora que el Procés lleva ya casi cuatro años y parece decidido a morirse de aburrimiento, convertirse en una especie de ruido de fondo permanente, o intentar su último ridículo intento de agitación popular antes de las vacaciones, quizás sea hora de hacer una recapitulación de sus éxitos.

Más allá de la retórica, la palabrería, la jerga y los tertulianos omnipresentes, ¿QUÉ HA CONSEGUIDO EL PROCÉS?

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Los apologistas occidentales son los etnocéntricos occidentales.

[Esta es una traducción/adaptación del original que escribí en inglés]

Después de cada ataque de un miembro de la religión que no debe ser nombrada, el mismo ritual ocurre, el juego de la apología: culpa a cualquier cosa excepto el propio asesino. O, como mínimo, deberías reducir su importancia.

Eso únicamente ocurre con tal religión o con movimientos que están considerados como oprimidos, discriminados o “marginalizados” de algún modo. Es ciertamente curioso describir a alguien con el poder para asesinar cientos de personas, y asustar a un superpoder para que se rinda cultural, política y militarmente, como “sin poder” u “oprimido” pero no soy progre, así que quizás no lo entiendo.

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Western apologists are Western ethnocentrists.

After each attack from the religion that shall not be named, the same ritual is played, the game of apologetics: blame everything except the murderer. At the very least, you should downplay its importance.

That only happens with that religion or movements that are considered to be oppressed, discriminated or otherwise marginalized. It is certainly curious to describe someone who has the power to murder hundreds of people, and scare a superpower into cultural, political, and military submission, as “powerless” but I’m not a leftist, so perhaps I don’t understand it.

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Freaking Truck Simulators! “Grand Mufti Publicly Condemns Nice Terror Attack —” Mufti News [parody]

I have been following Mufti News for some time, and they always deliver. Pun obviously intended:

Grand Mufti Al Tair ibn La Ahad held a press conference over the weekend at the International Islamic School of the Leap of Faith after hearing news of the Nice Terror attack in which he sends his most sincerest of condolences condemning the senseless violence and loss of lives, he also reminds everyone to be prepared…

via Grand Mufti Publicly Condemns Nice Terror Attack — Mufti News

Ramón Tremosa, mentiroso y a conciencia.

Existe una diferencia importante entre ser víctima de tus propias ideas y prejuicios, en ir demasiado acelerado y creer ver lo que en realidad no está allí, y la manipulación consciente. En ocasiones la diferencia no se puede averiguar, y es difícil -si no imposible- asegurar si algo fue hecho por malicia o por ignorancia. En otros casos, no obstante, es evidente. Y aquí entra Ramón Tremosa, con este tweet.

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Josh McIntosh is one (or two) steps away from becoming a Men’s Right Activist.

Jonathan McIntosh, banished co-creator of Feminism Frequency and the inspiration for the “Never go full McIntosh” meme, has decided to start his own uh… I never know how to describe these things, video series, I guess? Yes, in his brand new video series he will look at popular culture “through a critical lens with an emphasis on depictions of men and masculinity in popular culture!” Because “the messages pop culture sends to men and boys about our own manhood are consistently both limiting and harmful.”

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Why do artists draw “unrealistic” body types and “ignore” minorities?

Do contemporary artists draw unrealistic or non-average looking persons? Yes. Has any artistic style or period ever drawn something that looked realistic AND average? I doubt it.

For the purposes of this blog post, “artists” means those that paint, draw, and design characters for popular media. Movies, comic book, video games, or even some ads are what interest me. Therefore, fictional people, not real models. Think Lara Croft, not Angelina Jolie.

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“What do you want?”

A simple question that found no answer.

Innocent Bystanders

She cannot answer the question.

This video is great because it exposes the lie at the heart of this BLM ‘movement’- it is not a civil rights movement at all, but an attempt to refresh a historic blood feud, and repurpose it. Anyone with a truly pressing claim would have answered this question directly and swiftly.

I feel sorry for these kids, who are being cynically used by truly awful people and they don’t even know it.

Thanks to longtime Moron dri, who originally posted the link on the sidebar at Mothership.

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