Western sentimentalism or “Deepak Chopra is an idiot.”

[I wrote this post half-sleeping. I have already fixed most of the typos, but the whole text may still feel somewhat disjointed.]

If your reaction to murderous intent  or actual murder is affected bewilderment, cosmopolitan goodwill, sentimental grandstanding, or praying for universal love, you have failed at some very basic things that all animals understand. Fight back or flight, but don’t do this:


Love to all? Even to terrorists?

Saying things like that doesn’t make you a better person, it actually makes you an uncaring egotist, so absorbed in navel gazing that you actually believe your thoughts or positive thinking will accomplish anything. It’s a form of slacktivism, a way to project an image of moral superiority, to convince yourself you are doing something without having to do anything at all.

(to be fair, at least he says “let’s work towards…”)

It’s also a very delusional mindset, like a sheep telling another sheep that if you love the wolves a little more, they will stop killing you. The point is, that’s exactly why they kill you. It’s because you are prey, and think and behave like one. And when they see you saying such stupid things, they feel contempt, not a newfound fraternal love.

From the point of view of the western sentimentalist, there is no distinction between killing one or 100 people, or between a mass murder inspired by ideology or just going postal, because he will answer all crimes in the same manner: “We need more love” or, if he is feeling a little anxious, “Why are those things still happening?”

Imagine that the murdered people weren’t distant foreigners but something closer, something like, well, you. You are dead, so there aren’t many things you can do to help, but I presume you’d want your death to become something significant, a lesson to other people. But what you see is a lot of people refusing to learn anything from what has happened. In fact, they don’t even care about the victims because, from their point of view, mass murder is a “tragedy.”

Note that nobody does that regarding other crimes and “tragedies.” Nobody says to rape victims that what the world (and they) needs is more love and conscious-enhancing self-help books.

To people like Chopra, the dead don’t truly matter. By who or why they were murdered is irrelevant, it’s all about sending a message that says “I CARE. I AM GOOD.” The problem is, of course, that justice is not (only) about caring, it’s also about destroying evil, and first you must admit that it exists.

Edit: This is how much ISIS cares about your love.

“As World Reacts to ‘Love Wins,’ ISIS Punishes Gay Men in Gruesome Way,”

Video and photos of the supposed executions circulated on Twitter with the hashtag “#LoveWins,” which was used across the world on social media in response to Friday’s historic decision in which the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage in the United States.




One thought on “Western sentimentalism or “Deepak Chopra is an idiot.”

  1. Agreed, friend.

    It makes me think of liberal Christians who choose to cherry pick verse and virtue from Jesus’ teachings. Many of them choose to elevate “Judge not” above all other teachings and “compassion” above all other virtues. They shape their world view into an exceedingly naive and ironically uncaring “live and let live” paradigm. They’re the same people who sneer and sneeze at the Crusades, declaring them unjust persecution of the poor Muslim people, without bothering to gain any historical knowledge of what actually happened.

    The thing is, the Muslims had conquered much of the Eastern world. It’s true that there were shameful, evil crusaders. But by and large the campaigns were the efforts of the civilized Christian world to stave off the Muslim Horde. They were defensive acts.

    Well, we’re knee-deep in another invasion, more insidious this time. Prayer is fine and good, but as you say, it must be accompanied by action and awareness of the problem. Remains to be seen whether enough of the Western world is awake this time or if we’ll ultimately succumb.

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