The Simpsons and The Springfield Shopper for bloggers

In Spain, among The Simpsons fans, there is a saying that could be translated as “everything is in The Simpsons” (todo está en Los Simpsons.) That’s usually said after viewing or thinking about a classic (pre 10-12th season) episode and realizing that a fifteen-year-old (or more) American sitcom explains current events better than our own social commentators. Political, social, or cultural issues of all stripes, it doesn’t matter what subject you want to talk about, because Everything Is In The Simpson, and there is a Simpson reference about it somewhere. If you wish to write about an issue, no matter how obscure it may be, there is a Simpson reference somewhere that explains it way better than you ever could.

Vegetarians? Check. Misuse of statistics? Check. Controversies over violent media? Check. Obesity? Check.  Parents obsessing about competitive sports? Check. The legends and lies surrounding national mythologies? Check. Sexual harassment hysteria? Check. I could go on, and on, and on.

I firmly believe in the statement of Everything Is In The Simpson, and to prove it, I will explain how you can use The Simpsons in your articles about your own nation’s political and media shenanigans (I don’t think it matters where you live, the basic elements are always similar.) And to prove how powerful The Simpsons are, I’ll use (with a few exceptions) images just from The Springfield Shopper, the most popular newspaper in Springfield.

For example, imagine that you are writing about the next public nationalist performance or nationalist celebration. Or perhaps you suspect your national pride is being cynically manipulated. Then, use this:


“Lisa the Iconoclast”


Are you writing about how insane and absurd is the language politicians use or how silly are the promises they make? Do you have problems putting into words your suspicion that the craziest individuals are being elected, and that the guy who screams the most is the one who is being listened? Well, Homer Simpson understands the contemporary dynamics of an election circus:


“Trash of the Titans”


Do you believe that your current society is narcissistic and lacks any sense of personal and social responsibility? Or perhaps you think grievance politics and entitlement have destroyed public trust. Well, just remember: CAN’T SOMEONE ELSE DO IT?

“Trash of the Titans”


Has your country political climate degenerated so much you don’t know what to say anymore, or perhaps you believe everything is trash and garbage? Perhaps it is indeed s trash race to the bottom.

“Trash of the Titans”


Have you ever read an article where the writer can’t realize he is contradicting himself, or saying something self-incriminating about himself or whatever he is trying to defend? Do you suspect journalists and pundits can’t connect the dots and see what should be obvious?


“Krusty gets Kancelled”





“Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment”


Are crazy old commentators (or similarly curmudgeon individuals) ranting about something nobody cares?


“The old man and the key”


Perhaps do you suspect that your country (and the internet) is awash with crappy sentimentalism, that people use feelings as proofs or evidence?

from “Homer the Badman.”

Do you think journalists are wasting your time, talking about useless crap? Lincoln Squirrel agrees with you:


“Radio Bart”


Are you shocked, perhaps even horrified, when the backers of a plan or project are the only ones given a voice when talking about the necessity, morality, or legality of said project?


monsters okay
“Treehouse of Horror 2”


Have you ever observed a character assassination based on flimsy evidence, or a random person being associated with something just because he was passing by?

“Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy”


Baby-kissing politicians and a groveling media?


“Mr. Lisa goes to Washington”


Are journalists sucking up to their masters too much?


ungrateful employee.png
“Bart Gets Hit by a Car”



smart move





Are you trying to criticize an editorial so silly you can’t even begin to put your argument into words? Is a political party trying to reinstate some sort of gerrymandering scheme or change the voting or referendum laws in their favor? Well, remember that in Springfield dead pets vote.


“Sideshow Bob Roberts”


Do you suspect there is a uh… let’s say, too close relationship between journalists and the object of their articles, reviews, or investigations? Do you have problems distinguishing between news, ads, and sponsored content? You are not the only one.


“The Joy of Sect”


Finally, I’m sure you’ll find many uses for this:


incontinent old man.jpg
“A Star is Burns”



And that’s using only the Springfield Shopper. Remember, Everything Is In The Simpsons.

4 thoughts on “The Simpsons and The Springfield Shopper for bloggers

    1. emperorponders

      Bueno, el episodio más tardío que cito es el del abuelo chillando a la nube (temporada 13)Ya desde entonces la calidad no es muy buena, pero en fin, es normal tras tantas temporadas y cambios de guionistas. Curiosamente aquí coincidió con la muerte del antiguo doblador en español (Carlos Revilla.)

      Pero sí, incluso con las primeras temporadas ya se puede hacer una enciclopedia xD


  1. En las últimas temporadas, Homer es de lo más soso y las tramas insulsas. Son muchas temporadas. Siempre nos quedarán esos episodios y escenas que, tras verlos quinientas veces, todavía te ríes solo de pensarlo.

    Liked by 1 person

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